Time remaining to Saturday's
Lanier Under the Lights 5K Race

'Magical Nights of Lights'

Can we drive the course following the race? No, for the safety of participants on the course.
Can family come with me in support? Yes, but please stay near the start/finish area.
Will Santa Workshop be open? No, sorry but it won’t be available a race day.
What is the course certification number? USATF# GA15023DJ
Can I register for the run? Yes, registration is open for both races.
Are dogs allowed? No, dogs leave droppings and dogs can bite.
Are Strollers allowed? Walkers with strollers are welcome, but runners are not allowed to use a stroller while participating in the race.
Can I sell my number? No, because the disclaimer is in the registrants name.
Can I have a refund? No, sorry no refunds.



Please contact us at  for any further questions

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